20 April, 2015

Good Nanny Sighting at Monona Public Library in Monona, WI

Where: Monona Public Library, Monona, WI
When: Saturday, 4/18/15 1030a-1145a
Description of nanny: White, plus sized curvy, 30-40. Striped shirt, yellow sweater, capri jeans, flip flops, messenger style Marylin Monroe bag
Description of children: Boy 3-4 with striped shirt and gray shorts, and infant girl wearing light pink onesie with brown dots (I believe their names are Max and Lily)

Your nanny is fantastic! Nanny chatted with a mother whom she knew and her child; from what I heard the child was in nanny's old preschool class before leaving. Max and the child played together for a few minutes before separating. Max wanted to play with child but nanny explained that maybe the child and his mother wanted to spend time together-she engaged Max in play and allowed him to explore without being harsh. While Max was busy, nanny was very engaged on the floor with Lily, who was crawling all over. Nanny, who periodically checked her phone for texts every so often, did not leave the children to fend for themselves-she was engaged with both children constantly. Nanny also encourgaed Max to clean up after himself. When it came time to go, she told Max they had five more minutes to play, but Max didn't want to leave. She explained to him it was time to go, and that they would ask Mom when they got home if he could come back to the library later. He wouldn't move, and kept telling nanny no. In a calm manner, she guided Max over to the Lego area and encouraged him to clean up, and explained that they were leaving because Mom was home. Max gladly cleaned up his creation and got into the stroller without an issue. Nanny said good-bye to the other child and mother, and left.

What a wonderful nanny. I was very happy to see an active nanny who really loves her job, and it was evident by how she interacted with these children how much she loves her work.

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A Day in the Life 2015, #8

7:15 Enter the kitchen, first one in. Select my coffee pod of choice and drop it in for a nice Colombian dark brew. Look in medicine cabinet, fish around for whatever looks abundant. Settle at a bar-stool and start reading the Daily News.
7:30 The family starts to drift down the steps. I ask each boy,"teeth brushed?" one starts to shake his head the other argues that he'll brush after. I point back upstairs. They look at me and shuffle back upstairs.
7:48 Usually both parents are gone by now. They say good morning. They don't offer any guidance. If there is an appointment or something out of ordinary, it is on the white board over the built in desk. Nothing's there this morning except the drawing of a pepperoni pizza with the caption "please Mom, please".
8:00 Breakfast is being served. Both boys have ADHD. I make one an egg and cheese sandwich on one of the deli bagels we keep stored in the freezer. The other refuses to eat. Finally, he agrees to eat a piece of American cheese and six cherries. It's something. I check their back packs and make sure what needs to come out is out and what needs to go in is in. I give the oldest a cup of coffee to replace the Adderall that I picked from his bottle today. I give him a B12, a multi and his anxiety medicine. The youngest is usually off the rails so I give him his Concerta and Straterra,Don't rage against me now, Mom and Dad don't give it to him consistently either, mostly because they don't think he needs to focus weekends and holidays.
By 8:25 both kids are on the bus. I go upstairs to make their beds and clean their rooms. Monday is sheet day but I am armed with my Febreeze which I spray liberally on their sheets before pulling the covers tight and adoring them with their designer masculine pillows.
It's unavoidable that I'll have to do a wash. I reach in the colored, the whites and the towels, grab what looks like a load and throw it all in a super large with double the soap and triple the fabric softener.
9:00 I am back upstairs on my second cup of coffee reading through the weekend's mail wondering who Aunt April is and why I have never heard of her before. Is she really coming for a visit this summer? What will that be like? The American Express Bill is 22 thousand three hundred and some dollars this month. What's mine on there this month? Anything irregular? The groceries from Trader Joes were mostly for me, they prefer Whole Foods. But I'm a live-in. I skim down the list to the drugstore we use. Oh yes, some of that's mine. I'm always in there for foot powder and athlete's food cream and deodorant and shampoo, so I throw in some hairspray, a fragrance, maybe a box of chocolates, but I'm a live-in. I leave the receipts always in the cookie jar. They've never complained. Magazines though. I notice my magazine habit is out of control and looking at a specific date on the statement remember that I went there only for ice cream to go with birthday cake but ended up spendings seventy dollars. That wans't cool. I vow immediately to do something special to show my appreciation.
11:30 I wake up from a nap I didn't intend to take and have to speed to make my tanning appointment. I get home and realize the clothes from this morning are still in the washer. I pour some more fabric softener in and restart the rinse cycle.
12:45 I realize that I've spent an hour on Facebook and I'm hungry. I go to the refrigerator to get out something to eat. Nothing looks great. I forgot to pull out something for dinner. I decide to run to the market now. What should I make? In five minutes, I'm selecting some stuffed chicken breasts from behind the deli counter. I go to the salad bar and throw together a giant salad. I grab a pint of strawberries. I see some twiced bake potatos in the prepared food case. Nice and fresh. I take five. And some sushi. For lunch. I pay and within 40 minutes it is spread out on the kitchen counter. I'm on my IPAD eating sushi dreading the 3 o clock hour.
2:25 I run to the laundry room and throw the clothes from the washer to the dryer. I come back upstairs and set the table for dinner. I put the chicken breasts in a pan and slop some salad dressing on it. Wrap the potatos in tin foil and put them in another pan. I throw the salad in a big wooden bowl and then handslice strawberries on top of the salad. The strawberries are so sweet, I eat half of them as I slice.
3:10 As the first child comes in the door, I putting wrap across the salad. He asks for a snack. I whip out a donut from the store. He's happy. I'm thrilled. I tell him he can do his homework now or in the car while "X" has soccer. He chooses to do it now. He plops down in front of the TV with his notebook. I remind him he isn't supposed to do his homework in front of the TV.
3:25 As the second child bee bops in the door I am coming around the corner from the laundry room carrying a giant basket of laundry, no doubt with a bead of sweat on my forehead. I sigh heavily and tell him, "Jelly donut and apple on the counter, eat it and get dressed, we can't be late today".
4:05 We're late for soccer again. It wasn't my fault. The younger kid asks to go play on the playground. I okay it and he scoots out the door, "stay where I can see you" I say looking up from my phone. Soccer practice last 90 grueling minutes. No matter how many times I tell X to fill up his water bottle, he doesn't. We always stop at the deli for Gatorade on the way home. A grape Gatorade for one, a watermelon for the other and a monster for me. That will help. I am so hungry. Did I eat? I suggest we stop and stock up on fresh bagels. While in the shop I grab a tuna on whole wheat and toss it in my bag.
6:00 We are back home and I am straightening up the house. I pack up the trash and carry it all the way downstairs. I sweep the kitchen with the electric broom. I refill the dogs water. I refill the Keurig's water container. I bag up the fresh bagels in individual baggies and put them in the freezer. I go through the backpacks and pull out completed work.  I grab the mail from the mailbox and organize it on the counter in to his, hers and junk piles. I put the food in the oven and the salad on the table with dressing. I put a pitcher full of ice water on the table with four glasses.
6:50 Usually she comes home first, but today it is he. He marvels at the smell. "Something smells incredible" he says. I answer "Thanks, I hope you enjoy it, do you need anything else or can I be off...it's been a long day". "Of course, be off. Thanks, see you in the morning" he calls after me as I beat a path down the basement steps to my (well appointed and stocked) nanny dungeon.

Please say only that I am a live- nanny in the US. No salary or other details. It'd be cool if you could disable the comments, I don't need to be razzed for being honest. Even though I left out the part about jamming to Ne-Yo and AfroJack on the way to soccer with the bass on max. 

19 April, 2015

The Middle Child

Hello ISYN. I was so excited to take my first nanny job in New York. I interviewed with families in the city and just outside. I selected a family just outside with three kids and a beautiful house, a housekeeper. I get a Jeep Cherokee to drive. I get one Friday off per month plus weekends. Things are pretty good, except for a very small problem, which shouldn't be a problem at all.

     The middle child is 8 years old and his parents live in fear that he is a homosexual. They didn't talk about this in the interview, only later on, when I had moved in and was taken to task for letting him play Barbies with his sister.

     The parents both work on Wall Street. They aren't unkind. I don't even think they have anything against gay people, except that they don't want their son to "behave gay". This, I am told is out of fear that he will be bullied, stigmatized and picked on. Believe me, I get that. But I don't know how to preserve my job without coming out very strongly against some of their tactics.

     The boy has no interest in Sports. That isn't unusual. I drive him to soccer twice a week for practice. He is such a good kid too, he tries. He plays mine craft, he likes Nerf Guns, he likes to build Legos. He has diverse interests. He also likes to bake cakes. I was told not to encourage him to bake cakes. This after we made a really cute Valentine Cake together that he decorated really well. I was told, "See, now you have me against the wall where I have to praise my son for his cake decorating skills.". And the parents did compliment him. They aren't cruel or unkind, but they want me to steer him towards less stereotypical activities and away from those that are stereotypical.  I'm also concerned that at almost 9 years old, the kid is going to sense what is going on. The parents don't speak in front of him, but he has an older sister who has been in trouble before for including him in her girl play. What is blocking these people from seeing that this is NORMAL?

     The family has a playroom in the attic. The oldest child is a girl. The 8 year old boy loves to dress up barbies. I don't think that is abnormal. I have cared for boys who played barbies before. Well, when I say good night on Friday they asked me to clear out the playroom. They specifically said that Daughter doesn't play with X, Y and Z anymore, so I could have an agency come and pick up the toys or pass them on to someone I know who would like them. I know someone. He is your son. How do I handle this without losing my job and without being a part of wrecking this boy.

Leave Some Freaking Petty Cash Already

What is it with these UES moms who refuse to leave petty cash causing me to shell out my cash on a daily basis? Water bottle at the park? Mattress deliver for the guest room? Ice pop from the dojo (all the other kids get them), birthday flower delivery, balloon bouquet, grocery delivery, out of bread grabbing a loaf of bread because there was no bread for sandwiches? I feel like a fool a pauper itemizing $4.70 or $3.20 or $8.60. Stop and think moms. If you were home all day with your kids and relegated to the monotonous schedule you have assigned us of lessons, activities, school picks, drops offs and always those countless errands you stuff in as well as the repairmen I am forced to wait for (no doubt putting my virginity in peril-have you seen some of these Dudes?) Imagine if you will that you are in my shoes, now try and get through the day without a cent to your name. It doesn't freaking work. Stop making me beg!

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18 April, 2015

The Broken Foot

I don't know what to do. I hired a nanny seven months ago, She has been great. We have a 10 months old and a four year old. Honest to God, on Friday night when she left, I actually breathed a sigh of relief thinking everything is just as it should be. The nanny called me this morning at ten and told me that last night she broke her foot. She told me she doesn't want to inconvenience us or ask for a break but she doesn't know if she can do the job with a broken foot. I am thinking of how we can make this work. She walks our 4 year old to school and back and to dance class. There are a lot of park outings and things like that. We live on the second floor of five floor walk up. (No elevator). Any tips or ideas of how I could make this work? I could probably shell out an additional $300 a week for the next six weeks for someone to help, but how to find and utilize that person?  -Chelsea- NYC

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The Firings 2015, #2

My employers called me at 2 in the afternoon and asked me to bring the kids to the train station to meet their train at 637 that night. They told me they were taking the kids to dinner. I took care to give the kids baths early and dress them so they looked nice. I even ironed the oldest kid's button down shirt. I arrived at the train station a few minutes early. The kids were their normal curious selves, looking at leaves and bugs on the ground. I met the family with a smile as I always did. The mother reached down and hugged the kids. I remember she had a brown paper bag with her and said, "I have something to show you". They went off towards the parking lot. The father came towards me with a smile. As he got closer, the smile faded. He said, "Here is your pay through tomorrow. We are terminating your employment". I couldn't help the tears that fell immediately. To this day, I don't know why. I had been with them seven months. It was a Thursday. I got one day severance pay. By the time I realized what was happening I could see the Mom loading the kids in to the car. No goodbyes. Brutal.

I was a nanny for four weeks to two badly behaved boys. They didn't listen, would scream and throw things at me. I called upon my 7 years nanny experience to deal with them. One day the five year old was having a screaming fit and throwing coffee mugs at my head. I said very calmly, "The answer is no. You are not having a can of coke. Stop acting like a spoiled brat". Was it a bit harsh, yes, I'm sure, but I was under fire. Well the kid told on me after I left that day. The father called me up and it his haughty English accent told me that he wouldn't tolerate me emotionally abusing the children any longer. He further advised me that he was seriously considering involving the authorities. That was on a Tuesday night. I never got paid for that week. Quite honestly, I felt they were threatening my reputation, so I took it as a loss.

I got fired over Munster Cheese. Three years ago, I was working as a live-out nanny for two attorneys in Rye, NY. I made $700 a week and lived in Port Chester, the next town over. The hours started early and ended late but the three kids were in school all day. For dinner, they ate Kraft Macaroni & Cheese, Dinsosaur shaped chicken nuggets or Michelina Entrees. So, cooking dinner was a breeze. Breakfast was Captain Crunch or Poptarts or Toaster Struedel. Breakfast was a breeze. Lunch was at school. They didn't keep any food in the house except these things. One a rare occasion, they would go to Whole Foods and get some good breads and vegetables, that was nice. The parents ate breakfast and dinner and lunch on the fly. I don't know what they did weekends. One day I was out and I got two bagels at the bagel store. I ate one with cream cheese for lunch at the park. That evening when the kids were eating their processed packaged crap, I put a few slices of munster cheese on a bagel and put it in the toaster oven. It was great. I left work as always at 8PM. At 8:45, I get a phone call, "What happened to ALL of the Munster Cheese". I said, "What are you talking about?" My female employer was screaching at the top of her lungs about how I had been eating all of their groceries and she couldn't take it any longer. She said she "Needed these remedied" I asked her, "what are you saying?" She said, "It'd be nice if you went to the store, purchased some cheese and returned it". I started to explain to her that I had used three slices of cheese, but she interrupted me. "Why, Why, Why would you use any cheese? That was from the Country Store." I was shocked, but sane, so I said"I think you're over reacting". She said, "Well was I over reacting about the cherries? What about the hot chocolate? And the blueberry muffins?" Before she listed everything I had eaten in the past three months, I said, "I am not bringing you cheese". She slammed the phone down on me so hard me ear hurt. About twenty seconds later it rang again. It was her. I picked it up, she screamed, "AND BY THE WAY, Don't come back, you're fired". I started to tell her I would be back for my pay but she hung up on me. I had to work with the agency that found me the job to get the pay she owed me and it took about ten days. Over cheese.

Got fired from a nanny job. Need to vent about the experience. Well, last week I was fired. The mother came home and told me Suzy and I just weren’t clicking. I wasn’t spending enough time with Suzy, she was spending a lot of time on her own, and the parents “were having to come home from work early because she felt uncomfortable around [me].”   (Read the rest HERE)

I "Leaned in" at my Nanny Job and Got Fired...(by Laurel Lathrop)
One Wednesday night not long ago, I went to bed with a job and woke up unemployed.
I was a nanny, working for an extremely wealthy family in Manhattan. The dad was a C-level exec at a financial firm, with a glossy home office that included an aquarium full of tropical fish. The mom was a homemaker who had contracted an autoimmune disease that made her too weak to do most chores.I picked up the couple’s two daughters from school and supervised their homework; I helped with cooking, laundry, and errands. This was normal nanny stuff, plus some tutoring: the younger daughter was struggling to read at her grade level, so we read together for half an hour every day on top of anything assigned by teachers. (Read the rest HERE)

17 April, 2015


     I have two nannies, both are college students. My Tues/Friday nanny works two very long 14 hour days. It was hard finding someone to work those days. She has only been with us 4 weeks (8 14 hour days) as of today. This morning when she came in, my husband and I were in the kitchen. She said, "There is something I have to tell you, and I anticipate you are going to be upset, but I want to be honest with you". We were immediately alarmed and frozen. Turns out her confession is that she lost the SIM card to her phone here, after making some X rated videos for her boyfriend. (Her words). She asked that if we find it, could we please not look at it and turn it right over to her. She said she felt she had to tell us, incase we found it and looked at it and the kids saw the video. This mornings I assured her that of course we would. She further elaborated that she made the video in our family room after youngest fell asleep having came home from the park. Older child was at school. The more I think about it, the more it kind of creeps me out. I honestly don't know if I can just give her the card if we find it without looking at it. In fact, a part of me is hoping that I do find it. And even if we don't, this confession of hers really has me rattled. My husband says while it isn't appropriate, she is here for 14 hours and we expect that she will have down time. How do I get past this? The best case scenario is she finds the card, we never have access to it, so I never have a visual and I can somehow stop thinking about nanny buck naked on our leather sofa. I don't know that she was. My mind just wanders. I made the mistake of telling my mother who lives 15 minutes away. She says I have to terminate her now and suggests the children are in peril. I alternate from being creeped out to dreading the process of finding a replacement. Help!

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Baseball Fields in Central Park, NYC

Where: North Meadow Baseball Field, Central Park
When: 4/16 @  around 5:00PM
Description of the Nanny: Haitian, I think by accent. Wearing a blouse that was two colors of purple in a floral design and a navy colored long skirt, dark colored socks and natural looking, "Jesus" style sandals.
Description of the Child: White Boy of about 2. Wearing an orange L/s shirt with Adidas logo on it and blue jeans. Wearing black tennis shoes with a teal sole.
Blanket: Looked like an old style bedspread, cream colored with fringe on the side
Stroller: Dark blue. Larger wheels in the back than front. Black and chrome.
Incident: I saw enough to know this nanny shouldn't be a nanny. For one thing, they weren't at a playground, they were on the blanket. The nanny was either sitting, laying or reclining and she tried to get what seemed like a very active two year old to do the same. The boy wanted to move and she kept pulling him back on to the blanket by his shirt, and not gently. The nanny was trying to read a small sized magazine that had to deal with soap operas. The nanny told him to "sit" and to "stay" and threatened to "lock him back up in his stroller". She eventually did strap him in the stroller with a bottle and told him to go to sleep. Then the nanny laid and tried to get in to her book. The kid was fussy and even threw the bottle. The were there when I arrived at 5 and looked to have been there awhile. When the kid refused to go to sleep, the nanny let him out of the stroller again. He wanted to wander off his 5 foot square are but she kept pulling him by his shirt, even pushing him at one point to fall down. Before they left, she got out a baby wipe, cleaned his face, combed his hair and used Q tips in his nose and ears. After she cleaned his ears, he screamed blood murder holding one of his ears and really crying like he was hurt. She kept telling, "You stop this, come on now, you don't want to be a dirty boy". After she cleaned his hands with the wet wipe she wiped her legs. Then she packed up and left. Sorry, but she doesn't seem to like your kid. He deserves better!

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The Over Qualified Candidate

I recently opened my own nanny placement agency and babysitting service. This is something I have always wanted to do, and with my experience, education and background in early childhood education (degree in early childhood education, four semesters each of psychology and sociology, classroom teaching and nanny experience, experience with all age groups and special needs) I figured if I didn't throw caution to the wind and do it, I was never going to do it. I have a full time job teaching two year olds, and I realize that I won't become a millionaire by owning a nanny placement agency, nor will I get rich from it. Part of the reason why I opened my agency is because I love working with children and families, and because the agencies in town are less than spectacular in my opinion.

     Agency N has stuck up nannies.(I met one of their nannies several years ago when I applied for the position with her then nanny family-the nanny told me that if I wanted to be taken seriously I needed to give myself a "makeover" of sorts, such as my resume, email address and appearance. She said she knew, because she had been a nanny for several years and placed with the best agency who doesn't take just anyone. Last year, that nanny became the new nanny for a family that left the childcare center where I work. We passed each other in the hall, and I believe she remembered me from several years ago, as the look on her face said it all. Yes, there is a thing such as constructive criticism, but what she gave me was far from that.) When I think of that nanny, I wonder exactly how she is a nanny, when she speaks to complete strangers like they are beneath her? I shudder as to how she treats children. According to the agency's website, she gives a testimonial about how she has preferential treatment from the agency and how every interview she has had, she is offered the position. Really? Talk about scary.

     Agency P has an owner who is a flake. Long story short, I can't see how she is an agency owner, considering she can't keep a straight story about applications and candidates. I have never met any of her nannies, yet I know if she is a flake, what can she offer for nannies?

     If I don't succeed in my efforts, I will consider going back to being a nanny, or should I say transitioning from a part time to a full time nanny. The thing is, I have no desire to apply for nanny positions, and won't go through either of the agencies here in town, so I am limited to Sitter City, Care, and CL. Not the best places to find work, but what else can a gal do?

     A few years ago (2) I applied for a full time nanny position from Care.com. The postion was to start in late summer/early fall, and involved caring for a 19 month old and a 10 week old. Talk about time management and needing experience with both age groups at once. As an agency owner, I would not feel comfortable placing someone young or with little experience in a position like that. I would prefer to place an older, seasoned nanny with ample experience and education. The interview: DB and I messaged each other on Care.com and set up the interview. He mentioned MB would be joining him, as well as their toddler. We met on my birthday at Starbucks, where I gathered four oversized chairs so MB would be comfortable, as she was due to deliver any day. I sat there, waiting, and this guy sat down next to me. It was DB-MB, as DB stated MB was tired, so she stayed home to rest. Understandable, and no big deal.

     We start the interview. A brief glance at my portfolio, and he hands it back to me. He then looks over my resume. "This is a great resume. I'm in HR, and this is very well written." He continues reading.

     "Thank you," I respond, feeling grateful for the compliment.

     He pauses, and looks at me. "I love the resume, but I have one concern. You are over qualified, and I feel like you are taking a step back from what you are currently doing".

     Huh? "'Over-qualified'"? Seventeen years in the field and I have never ever heard that from anyone. And as for what I was currently doing, I was teaching in a childcare center. There really is no difference between being a teacher and a nanny, with the exception of the number of children in your care and the work environment.

     I didn't know how to respond, so I said that I wasn't over qualified, but the best qualified, given my background, degree and experience, plus the fact that having children so close in age would require experience and time management skills, something that I obtained working in group childcare for so long. I also pointed out that I felt I was taking a step backward, but in a different direction, as teaching and being a nanny are similar, just have different work environments. Truthfully, I felt like ending the interview the second it started, because I felt insulted. What did he consider "qualified"?

     During the remainder of the interview, he talked the position down, stating things like he couldn't grasp me being a nanny with my level of experience, why was I wasting his time interviewing with my background, and why would I lower my standards to be a nanny? He mentioned they had a nanny when they lived down south, and that their old nanny was nothing like me in terms of anything. The interview ended and I never heard from them again.

     Have any of you ever dealt with a parent/interview like this? If so, how did you handle it? Were you offered the position? As an agency owner, that was a learning experience: parents need to sit down and write down what they are looking for in a nanny (age, experience, etc) with have an open heart and mind. Nannies come in all backgrounds. Just because I have the credentials that I possess, that doesn't mean I am lowering my standards. Could it be I really love my career and want to take it into a new direction? Of course.

16 April, 2015

Sara Delano Roosevelt Park in NYC

Where: Sara D Roosevelt Park in NYC
When: Thursday 4/16 at approximately 430/500
Description of Nanny: White, Irish looking nanny. Wearing tight jeans, a spandex long sleeved shirt. a gold cross and wedge sandals with a good heel. Pushing a Blue and tan umbrella stroller.
Description of Child: 14-20 month old boy. Brown hair, wearing jean jacket, jeans, hiking boots and able to walk. Boy was drinking out of yellow sippy cup with a big bird head on it.
Situation: I am not a nanny or a mom. I am a girlfriend. I was surprised to see a nanny with her kid she nannies for watching a group of street toughs play ball in the park. The language was rough. The game was heated. This was no kind of atmosphere for a 14-20 month old child. I know for a fact that she was the nanny because she said she had to go, but she'd be off at 630 and would meet him back here at Subway. This is one of the guys she was watching and salivating over. There were no other kids this age at this park. At one point the boy got cranky and wanted out. She didn't want to leave her spot so she let him out, but he was nearly plowed over by one of the guys. They play hardcore here. It's not a place for babies. Or nannies. I'm guessing you didn't know your nanny was there. She looked Irish but didn't have an accent.

Nanny Employer Sitdown?

Interesting perspectives on this site.

I'm back to work a month (today). This is the first time I’ve ever hired help. Nanny is live in (but separate apartment in our carriage house). She has been working for us for 10 weeks, she started before I returned to work. We do have drop cams (nanny cams) but they are obvious and I discussed them with her before we got them. I do like to check in on the baby throughout the day, makes me feel better to see her and see what she is doing. I also spy on the dog, last night he jumped on the couch to steal the baby’s pacifier. Bad Dog!

My question: Now that I’ve been back to work a month and Nanny’s been when us 2.5 months, as we approach 3 months (90 days), should we do some type of 90 day review (informal or formal). My husband and I were discussing this last night. We are happy with Nanny, the baby is happy and we’d like to express our happiness while asking her for feedback on us/baby/arrangement. I know cash is king, but my husband doesn’t want her to get used to us throwing cash around since having a nanny and having the live in expense is expensive. We also pay her babysitting fee if she babysits for us. Husband suggested $50 gift card as an expression of our happiness. Thoughts? Too little, more than enough? Should we ask her for feedback before we give her expression of our happiness (so she doesn’t feel obligated to say nice things if she has critical feedback). Thoughts, have any of the Nannies had a sit down with employers at 90 days?

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Day in the Life 2015, #7

6:30am: Arrive, let myself in, hang up and put away personal things.

6:45am: Start cooking breakfast for the kids, from the weekly menu MB put together.

7:10am: Food is ready; go upstairs, get Oldest two children up, tell them breakfast is in 30 minutes. Remind them to comb their hair and brush their teeth before coming for breakfast. Get up younger two, take them potty, brush their teeth, comb their hair. Change them into clothes for school. Take them downstairs and put on Paw Patrol while plating breakfast and setting table.

7:40am Breakfast time. Give younger two breakfast. TV off. Older two come down and sloowwwlyyy eat breakfast, while taunting and teasing younger two. I tell them to knock it off and remind them that they have X number of minutes to finish eating.

7:55am: Breakfast is over. Mad rush to get shoes on, coats, backpacks and into car. Strap in two younger ones. Make sure everyone has the appropriate homework/permission slips/lunch money.

8:10am: Drop of two older boys at school. Remind them if they have any after school activities. Tell big boys who is picking them up from school/after school activity. "Have a good day! Learn something!”

8:30am: Head home. Set up little boys with play dough or coloring pages and clean up breakfast dishes. MB comes down on her way to work. Both little boys clamor for her attention and she absentmindedly gives them hugs and kisses before grabbing some coffee and heading out the door.

9:00am: Time to run errands. Load little boys into van and strap them in. Head to Target to get new clothes for the children/the Grocery store to pick up produce and yogurt for the week. And chocolate milk. God forbid they drink ‘white’ milk.

10:00am: Quickly drop off stuff from running errands. Change little boys (per parent’s request) for daily outing. Head to museum/library story time/park/hiking trail.

11:45am/12:00pm: Home for lunch. Pop little kids onto chairs around table and hand them kinetic sand to play with (even though it’s a God awful mess and a disaster to clean up). Prep lunch. Try to remember if parents consider carrots to be a carb or a veggie. Decide that it’s a veggie which means you still need to figure out a carb for the little boys lunches. Cook up a sweet potato and call it good. Plate the food, send the little boys to wash their hands. Pick up kinetic sand, wipe table, pour milk and put plates on table. Realize that the boys are taking quite a while to wash their hands. Go in there and remind them that they need to wash their hands, not lick each other/stick their hands in the air vents.

12:45pm: Little boys eat, sorta. Didn’t they mention that they now HATE apple slices? That they don’t eat sautéed snow peas and carrots? And did they mention that the protein doesn’t taste like a protein and that they don’t think broiled chicken counts as a protein? Remind them that LOVE sautéed snow peas and carrots, and convince them that chicken is, in fact, a protein. Let them eat slowly, while they try to stretch lunch time through nap time. Kill time by singing songs and reading stories.

1:30pm: Put little boys down for their nap, after reminding them that yes, we did in fact read stories before nap. Remind littlest that today he needs to take a ‘sleeping nap’ and he is to not get out of bed until I com to get him unless it’s an emergency. Remind him that not being sleepy is not considered an emergency. Give big hugs, check for monsters, kisses on foreheads and lights out.

2:00pm: Take a deep breath. Play some non-kid music while washing dishes from lunch. Heat up my lunch. Eat slowly. Relax for 30minutes. Read/study/play piano/watch Netflix.

2:45pm: Times up! Fold laundry, place on steps for big boys to put away later. Check living room and big kids rooms for cleanliness. Pick up errant toys in living room. Make a note to remind big boys to straighten up when they get home.

3:15pm: Little boys are awake now. I go to their rooms and tell them it’s time for them to get up. Change them out of pajamas (third clean outfit for the day, **sigh**) and into a new outfit. Make sure teeth are brushed agin, comb hair again, straighten collars, loop belts, tie shoes and tuck in dress shirts. Give each boy an afternoon snack.

3:45pm: Pick up older boys from after school actives/ Big boys are dropped off from school by carpool. (Remember that you have carpool next week/week after that and make a note in bold letters to arrange for the neighbor to come watch little boys for that week during carpool hours so that they can nap.) Set up big boys with homework and a snack. Outside play for little boys, change them (AGAIN) into outdoor clothes. Play outside with little boys while keeping an eye on big boys and helping with homework.

4:30pm: Big boys are done with homework. Tell them to get going on their chores and remind them to take their laundry up when they go to their rooms. Remind big boys to straighten up their rooms. Help little boys tidy up their rooms and make up their beds from their naps.

5:00pm: Give little boys a bath. Wash hair. Brush teeth. Blow dry hair and style according to their instructions. Move little boys to their rooms and get the big boys to get into the shower. Remind them to brush their teeth and style their hair appropriately. Dress little boys for dinner. Remind oldest that his parents do not prefer for him to wear his lime green belt/hiking boots to dinner. Talk youngest into letting you tie his bowtie for him. Adjust all children’s clothes, straighten collars, retie shoes. Wipe youngest’ face again.

5:30pm: Take all children downstairs for dinner in the Dining Room. Seat them in their chairs, help them place napkins on their laps, help the cook pour milk for the children. Quick walk through of the house. Pick up stray toys and straighten pillows.

6:00pm: Leave note on parent’s door reminding them about a permission slip that is due tomorrow or a museum membership that needs to be renewed in the next few days.

6:30pm: Let myself out, lock door, go home.

-OhTHATNanny, A Nanny for Four:I worked 12 hour days, Monday through Friday, $10 per hour worked. Ah well, lesson learnt. I NOW know that the service that I provide is worth a LOT more; I am the person who dresses, feeds, entertains, takes care of, hugs, kisses, disciplines and works right up alongside parents. I will do everything in my power to make sure your child is safe, happy, cared for, and loved.

Send your Day in the Life Submission to isynblog@gmail.com.

15 April, 2015

Nanny Rules 2015, #1

In order for me to do my job as a nanny, I need you to do certain things in return.

1) Respect my time. I arrive 10-15 before my start time Every. Single. Day. so that I am settled in and I can help the parents get out the door on time. I expect the same thing in return. I don’t expect a parent to return home earlier than my end time, but a prompt arrival at the planned time is key to my sanity (and happiness in a position). I understand- shit happens. And when it does shoot me a text.

2) Respect my authority with your children. You, as a parent have the power to make or break the relationship between your nanny and your children. You set the rules, and I uphold them. But DO NOT have a different set of rules when you are home. Because that shit won’t fly with me. Your child will hate me for enforcing rules that they only have to follow when I’m around. They will think that I a ‘just being mean’ or ‘making up my own rules’. And please, for the love of all that is good, and pure, DO NOT QUESTION OR UNDERMINE ME in front of the children. Please please please DO question my methods or the fairness of how I treat your children!!! Just make for damn sure they are not around to hear it. I love open lines of communication between the parents and I, but you make my job a whole hell of a lot harder when you do that in front of the children. Please don’t say anything along the lines of: "Oh, I'm sure if you give Nanny Charne a hug and say sorry she'll let you off time out!" No. No I fucking won't, he does need to say sorry, but that won't get him out of time out. You do the crime, you pay the time.

3) Respect that I love your child, and they love me. Please emotionally prepare yourself for this BEFORE you hire a nanny. If you can’t accept this you are going to have a hard time bonding with your nanny. Bonding with your nanny is so important! It shows your children that your nanny is someone to love and trust. It makes your job easier (think: no screaming kids when you leave for work in the morning) and the nannies job easier by the same standard. If you can’t stand the thought of your child sharing a deep emotional bond with anyone other than you and your spouse, you may want to seriously reconsider hiring a nanny.

4) Respect that as much as I truly love what I do, this is a job for me. I love your child, mostly because I am a person who love all children. I am not a nanny because I couldn’t find another job or I was looking for an ‘easy way to make money’. I LOVE working with children and I LOVE children. That being said, please pay me promptly of the agreed upon date and sufficiently for the hour and rate previously discussed. Don’t be the parent who constantly ‘forgets’ to pay on payday or consistently pays $20-$30 short of earnings. Because imagine how upset you would be if your boss forgot to pay you or didn’t pay you what you earned. Just don’t do it. Because I can forgive an occasional slip up and mistake, but if it’s a pattern I will mention it. And it will be awkward (for you).

5) Respect that I am a nanny, NOT your housekeeper. As your nanny you can ask me to tidy up behind myself and the children. You may even be able to get me to do your children’s laundry. But I don’t scrub floors or clean bathrooms or wash your clothing or bedding. I also don’t pick up after the dog. Respect this.

6) Please don’t ask me to turn off my phone upon arrival or to not play music during the day. You can respectfully ask that I silence my phone and that I do not spend more time on it than I do interacting with your children, because that is reasonable. However, asking me to never touch my phone or respond to the occasional text is unreasonable. Same goes for music. You can ask me not to play rude or explicit music or not to blast the music, but last time I checked, listening to Brandenburg Concerto No. 5 in D Sharp fit in none of those categories.

7) Please don’t micromanage the day. Please leave suggestions for outings if you have any. I will stick to a child’s schedule. But don’t be the parent who writes out ‘Breakfast: 8:04am. Free play: 8:05am to 8:21am. Drawing: 8:22am to 8:34am Potty break: 8:35am'; and so on. Because I will go nuts, and your child will probably cry due to the lack of spontaneity and the tediously planned day.

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Dougie's Nanny at Sagamore Playground in Bronxiville

Pictured, Sagamore Park
Location: Sagamore Playground in Bronxville, NY
Description of Nanny: Hispanic, about 5"2", 300 lbs? Brown straight hair, red tank top, black pants, white tennis shoes.
Description of Child: Doug/Dougie. Dirty blonde, curly hair. Approx 4 years old, wearing grey and green sweatshirt
Description of Event: I saw this and it made me so mad. Not because she broke the bench, or even because she laughed about it. But because she was so out of shape that even after she broke the table, she just moved to another. She had a four year old child she was watching and the child was everywhere. He would say, "come watch this" and she would say "Uhmm hmmm" and never look up from her phone. Since she couldn't chase him, she spent the whole 45 minutes there yelling at him. He ran over to her at one point and took off his grey and green sweatshirt and said he was hot and through at her. It was still chilly. So after a few minutes, she started yelling at him to come and get his sweatshirt. She must have said come here about 20 times. And yes, she broke a bench. I wanted to take a picture of her and the bench, but I thought it would be humiliating to her and seem mean and like it was a weight thing. Really, it is about the level of care she was able to provide to a very active child.

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Two Scary Nannies at Dartmouth Park in Orlando, FL

Where: Dartmouth Park in Orlando, FL
When: around 12pm 4/14 (Tues)
 Description of nanny #1: wearing a green top with a little girl in a x3 summit jogging stroller with a pink sippy cup and a pink ball in the cargo area.
Description of nanny #2: nanny with a 2 year old with brown hair and big eyes a blue polo a puppy backpack with brown ears and Blue handle. She was wearing a black top.
Description of Event: Both Hispanic only speaking Spanish. Both kids were crying and wanted out of their strollers at the park nannies ignored them and shoved the stroller into a pole when the kid wouldn't be quiet. Both kids were afraid and distressed your babies were scared of their nannies.
Please send your sightings to isynblog@gmail.com. All submissions are confidential.

'The rise of the diva nanny' is a disgrace to a respectable career- A nanny's response

An open letter from a NYC nanny in response to the New York Post article on April 8th entitled ‘Escalades, Hampton homes, and much more: The rise of the diva nanny’. Maxene S. is a professional nanny of 12 years, an active leader in the nanny community, and is passionate about the career she has chosen! She has a degree in Culinary Arts and a Montessori Teaching Diploma (NAMC), with a specialized certification to teach 3 months-3 years. Check out her thoughts on the ‘diva nanny’ article and the issues surrounding the ‘nanny market’ in Manhattan.

They say that being a parent is the hardest and most important job you will ever have. If so, shouldn't the person you hire to help you raise, educate, and LOVE your children also be held in high regard?

Unfortunately this does not seem to be a commonly held view in busy New York City. Instead it seems that there are non-stop assaults on the nanny profession, taking what should be a very creditable career, and tarnishing it with stories of "bad eggs” in over sensationalized articles. The New York Post recently published one such article entitled, ‘The Rise of the Diva Nanny’, where the journalist paints the picture of the "hired help" acting entitled and spoiled.

I shared this story on my Facebook group page, NYC Professional Nannies, where New York City's career nannies gather as a community to learn about child development, NY industry standards, and the laws that have been put in place to protect our vulnerable profession. Our group strives to stop the erroneous assumptions and stereotypes about our valuable role as a nanny.

Reading the article's claims from these featured parents and lawyers about "diva nannies" all point to one sure thing: No professional career nanny would or should ever act this way. Our good nanny title is being misused and blemished by under qualified, unprofessional babysitters and those who choose to employ them. Calling a babysitter a nanny is like calling a first year medical student a doctor. These two titles are very different and should not be used interchangeably. Continue reading the full article here.  Holly Flanders/Choice Parenting.

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Abusive Employers in Briarcliff Manor, NY

I just want to out someone that is making me angry. I have a nanny friend who is a live-in nanny in Briarcliff, NY. The nanny lives in 7 days per week. She works 12 hour days M-F and Saturday night 6pm-12am. As we nannies talk about our jobs, I have learned some very interesting things about her. She is not legal. She is making $450 per week cash, which is on the VERY low side. My problem is, she tells me that she is always hungry. She uses a lot of her money on food. She says they make her feel unwelcome when she isn't working, Sunday and Saturday morning, so she goes out and eats her meals out. She said she took the nanny job to save money to go to college. Here's the kicker, the family working this nanny to death is very well off. And because the nanny, doesn't have enough money to pay her bills, one of which is to send money back home to support her own children (!!), she has been going to a soup kitchen and a food pantry. She says the family keeps track of what she eats, makes sure to never over buy. She says even when she works until 7, the mom tells her, "We don't need you to sit down to eat with the children." like so many times that she says she won't sit with the kids. So she is eating canned beans and soups and oatmeal from a food pantry. WHAT THE WHAT? I have seen her with the kids she takes care of and she is good, so I offered to help her find a job. She won't, she is SCARED TO DEATH of her employers. This poor girl is literally trapped here, treated much like a slave! Any advice? I really want to out the parents by name and address!

14 April, 2015

Tomkins Square Park & Playground

Where: Tomkins Square Park
When: 4/13 11:30/12:00
Description of Nanny: (Two)
#1 Black, American nanny wearing white LS sweater and very tight dark rinse jeans (squeezed stomach into football shaped pooch over her waist), wearing brown mock Uggz. Brown/black straightened hair, shoulder length. age approx 25.
#2 Black Caribbean nanny, fiftyish? dark short, tight curled brown hair, red lipstick, vivid floral shirt, tan dress style (?) pants, loafers. Carrying a large white shoulder bag with a line drawing of an orange cat.
*Not sure who the baby belonged to but she was in a very basic green canopy umbrella. The kind that you sometimes rent at a zoo or something.
Incident: A White woman, brown tank top, white capris, tennis shoes approached the gate, staying on the other side and hollared to one of the women. She was walking a medium sized dog, young, mixed breed, possibly golden mix.  The nannies were talking and the older nanny looked up and handed the baby (white, approx six months, light hair, pink sandals, jeans, girl) she was holding over to the other nanny. She marched over to the railing and said "Now what". The white woman said that the black woman had kicked her dog. The white woman said, "who do you work for, I want a name". I was sitting right there. Before this I only noticed the two black woman talking and watching the playground while holding the one. I never saw any incident with any dog. The black woman said she wasn't telling her anything.
      The older woman had a distinct Caribbean accent so when she talked she said "I am telling you no thing. You are no body to me". The woman said something like, "I wouldn't want anyone who hurt an animal taking care of a child. Who do you work for." The black nanny said, "Lady you are crazy, you better go on now. Go home and take some medicine". This made the white woman even more angry. The older black nanny started heading back to where the other nanny was and the white woman walked along the black railing. When the other nanny saw this, she walked towards the black fence/woman and the other nanny who was retreating turned around with her and they both met her at the fence.
    They started to argue about kicking a dog. Again I didn't see. The woman pointed off towards where the dog run was and said, "other people saw, see that guy, he told me you were in the playground". The younger nanny said, "Bitch, you need to stop running your mouth and get the fuck on outta here. Aint nobody care what you have to say". The woman starts talking and saying in an elevated voice, "SO I'm the only one who has a problem with someone who is being paid to care for a child kicking a helpless animal, that baby looks pretty helpless, you kick her too?"
    This really pissed off the younger nanny. The older nanny said raised her hand to indicate calm down and said, "you need to go now, you're gonna scare the children".
    The younger nanny rose up over the other nannies face and said, "Lady, I'm about to jump the fuck over this fence and drill you down into that bush. You better watch your speak"
    The white lady said, "Oh you are? With the baby?"
    The older nanny took the baby from the younger nanny and said, "Lets go now".
    The younger nanny looked at the white woman and said, "Bitch you think you know me, I know you. I know your damn dog and Ima be on the lookout for you both.  Ima be on you when you least expect it"
    The white woman said, "Beautiful. Make sure you aren't holding someone else's child when you're trying to fight next time".
     The young black woman made a physical move to the fence. The white woman looked at them both and said something about being disgusted or they were disgusting.
     So like, I don't know what happend with the dog,but I cant imagine this woman would make an issue over nothing. I think she should have backed down though because I was feeling nervous about the altercation myself and the playground was full of kids. I don't know about these two nannies though. You might want to ask around and see what is going on from someone who can report to you. I don't think there is any excuse for the older woman to kick a dog, but the younger nanny was really irate and angry. Her mood scared me. Personally, I wouldn't have let either of them watch my child or my dog. I can't be sure who the nannies were watching on the playground. I could guess, but I don't think that would be helpful. They were still there when I left.

Day in the Life 2015, #6

8:15am-I arrive at host family's house. Parents are usually clattering around the kitchen getting their lunches together and fill me in on the morning. T's diapers, and ask about today's activities. T is sitting in her high chair eating her rice krispies. Shes awesome at feeding herself with a spoon! This is when I eat my breakfast, a muffin or whatever I bring from home. Parents leave and it's just the two of us. T is soon to be 18 months. She's so sweet and loves cuddles, kisses, and hugs! She has no problem saying "bye! Bye! Bye!" to her parents.

8:20am- Other baby comes and the parent goes over her morning. Unless there's anything that needs discussing (an on coming illness, clarification about an activity or a babysitting request) parent usually quickly. L.J. is a loving and happy child at 16 months. She likes hugs and getting loved on but in her own time :)

8:30am- I clean up T's breakfast, fill snack cups with goldfish and make sure they each have their water cups. I check diapers and then we play. I usually sit on the floor in the living room witand play with the girls. They just go to the play room and bring out what they want to play with. I find this works best because they actually play with what they bring out. When we'd try to play in the playroom they would just pull out all their toys and were quickly bored. Now they bring out their doll stroller, toy shipping chart or duplos. We'll play until they start fighting or throw them (both of which are automatic game overs).

9:00am- If diapers were empty before chances are they've filled them up now. After a quick change I usually watch them play. They come to me for hugs and kisses or need me to referee but they usally just play with each other. I'll sing and make up games but the parents want them to play on their own, too.

9:30am- usually we have a something at the library, toddler class or music class at 10:30. I watch the clock and prepare to leave. I pack the backpack with water cups, diapers, wipes... "hmm the water cups are gone... Oh the girls have them ok I'll let them have them for now." Socks are found, shoes go on. I go out side and put L.J's car seat in my car. The parents installed a large gate on their front porch (so convenient! I love it!) The girls wave bye to me from the top of the steps. They're happy when I come back although they don't have their water cups. *Sigh*

10:00am- I scramble trying to find the water cups... "under the entertainment center? No. In the toy bin? Nope. Dog bowl? Under the couch. Oh yeah the trash can. Yep...here they are." Ok a quick wash and time to go. I then smell poop... Ok a quick inspection, one more change. I look around the house.. Ugh it's a wreck but I'll clean at 4:30pm. "Bye boy! bye Jo-Jo!" I always say good bye to the dog and cat.

10:30am- We arrive at said activitie. As always L.J. is always right in the middle of everything! Doesn't matter what we're doing. She's so social and adventurous. T sticks close by me. She is social as well and is adventurous but just in her own time. She doesn't seem to be scared but likes to stick close for a few minutes. Sits in my lap and looks up at me for reassurance. Before I know it they're both up and playing!

11:30am- after fun with friends I strap two sleepy and hungry toddlers back into their car seats. If it's music class we hang out with one of my nanny friends at the church's park for 20 minutes or so.

11:40am- (they live just minutes from everything) We get home and change diapers. The girls sign and ask "eat? eat? eat?". I prepare lunch while trying to make sure they don't hit each other in their hungry fits.

12:00pm- Finally it's time for lunch. Each girl gets a different lunch. L.J. used to get so mad and would go hungry when she didn't get to have what T was having. She'd just cry and cry but after a few days she realized it was either what was in her lunch box or nothing. L.J. usually has pb&j and cottage cheese (hey she likes it!). T has whatever her parents made the night before. I usually wait to eat. I put the local news on so I can be up to date on the town/world outside this house - parents don't mind.

12:30pm- This is where I wait for poop. Poop needs to happen before they go down for a nap. If not they'll wake up in the middle of their nap, poop, and then that's it for naps. While we wait we play quietly and read books. Usually around 1pm they "go". T goes to hide now and L.J. will just stare at you and make weird faces.

1:00pm- After diaper changes I pick up while the girls play. I usually put them down around 1:15pm. T sleeps in her crib and L.J. sleeps in the next room, they share a wall. Usually T will play and that's perfectly fine but sometimes she'll turn sideways and kick the bars making quite a racket. I pull up the monitor on my phone "T, it's sleepy time". T looks around and repositions herself. L.J. falls alseep quickly and usually without issue. Both girls have video monitors, which I've found I can't live without!

1:30pm- Sometime T is still taking her time settling but she's asleep by 1:40. When they're asleep I usally eat lunch, study or just relax. If we're planning on going somewhere right after nap and plan to be out close to the end of the day I'll do all the chores. Usually it's just clean up what we used or played with. Then I check the backpack and see if I have everything.

3:00pm- If we're not going anywhere I'll let them sleep as long as they need to. L.J. can sleep 2+ hours. T's mom likes her to not sleep past 2 hours. They both sleep 11 or 12 hours a night so they don't need a 3+ hour nap. Usually if we went somewhere in the morning we'll be home for the afternoon. Maybe a walk to the nearby cafe.

3:15-3:30pm- Both girls wake up on their own. We change diapers. T asks "pee pee?" haha. L.J. may need some wake up cuddles but T is happy to go off and continue her day. L.J is again happy to play with T.

4:00pm- The girls give their sign and say "eat? Eat?". I cut up some stawberries, bananas and unwrap a string cheese for each girl. Sometimes if there's really nothing good we'll do nurtigrain bars but that's rare really.

4:30pm- Time to start cleaning. My duties consist of washing the dishes we used- they have a dishwasher but the girl's plates and bowls are few in number so I just wash them and then I just wash my dishes cause why not? I wipe down girls trays and booster seat/high chair. I scrub the counters and make sure there's I no food or crumbs. Then i pick up all the toys, books, games, small duplo pieces, put them away. The girls play well while I perform my tasks but sometimes they just don't get along. When this happens I hand each girl their milk cup, and sit them down in their own space. I tell them in a happy but serious tone (if that makes sense), "this is not time out. I love you very much *kiss and a hug*. Here's your milk cups. Just take some space". They talk and laugh to each other in their toddler language from their little spaces. That's great! Hopefully they'll be ready to play together soon. I bring the girls together and say "let's try playing again". 99% of the time they are back to having a blast. Sometimes T just needs her space and sometimes L.J. gets really clingy. She'll just want me to hold her. That's hard. Sweet but hard when you see them crying and reaching for you. I try to sing little songs and dance but i just have have to get things done. she holds on to my legs na d puts her head between them! Ugh my heart just melts! i just try to be fast but do a good job.

5:00- 5:45- AHHH end of the day. The house is back in shape, girls get one more change so they're fresh and ready for their mom and dad. I think back and man, I was really busy but I did it! L.J.'s mom comes and you'd think a 16 month old would run to her with a big smile and a great big hug!...no she's happy she's there but eh. Let's not get crazy Haha. It's a joke with her mom and me. Her mom loves that L.J. so happy to be there. T's mom gets the goods though.. Hugs and kisses! The moms and I talk about the day, transistion that they're working on or waiting for. Planninh lunch dates for us. We wrap up, say our "see you in the mornings", I leave out the back to take the bag of diapers out and head home around 5:45pm

*Nanny share in North Carolina; 2 toddlers, M-F, 8:15-5:30pm **I love these families and feel so appreciated. I've been with them for a year since the girls were tiny babies. They listen when I have concerns and make be feel like family. I couldn't be happier!*

What's your day like? Email isynblog@gmail.com.

13 April, 2015

Nanny Camera Blues

Tim Clayton
We have had a nanny camera for over a year now. Sometimes we don't even have it set up right, most of the time we don't check it. It is a remotely accessible feature. The nanny doesn't know about it. In all the time I have used it and checked it, I have only ever seen her being loving and wonderful to my child. Except for today. I am out of town, I know it's beautiful in NYC, so I called and asked her what she was doing. She told me she had just got back from spending almost two hours at the park. I hung up, pleased my daughter was outside. For some reason, I decided to see if I could log on to the nanny camera and I could. I reviewed the footage and it's very clear she never went outside. Not even for a minute. What do I do? Do I call her on this, after a whole year? Do I prod her more about details? Do I let it go and figure maybe she is just having a rough day since DH and I are both out of town at the same time? This is what I want to do, but I think more than ever when we are both out of town, I want to know that the nanny is being the kind of nanny I think she is. Help! I'm typing this from a meeting because I can't bear to confide this in people I am close to. They would follow up ask how I handled it, no doubt demanding that I did.  She just cares for one almost 3 year old girl.

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