26 September, 2009


Saturday, September 26, 2009
.... WHAT?!

Feature Ad:
1) Thrustworthy nanny/housekeeper (Denver)
Hello Thankks for reading my ads. I am 28 years old and healthy if you need someone to look after your kids with you are not availabe or need help to clean your house I would be more than happy to offer my service to you.I am hard working and very thrustworthy person and I do have passion taking care and work with Children too. I just want to work right here in Golden and 64Th Ave. neighbooring cities of Arvada. Please email me back at kayasc94@****
Service pay $10-$15 per hour. Thank you
Original URL: http://denver.craigslist.org/kid/1387707724.html
Special thanks to DenverNanny for our hilarious Feature Ad! Also, thank you to: MissMannah, Kaitlyn and Daniel, MissDee, TalesFromThe(nanny)Hood, SFClaire, mbargielski, Cinder38, Just Me, hijabiniqaabi, Only Dad Here, maybe, Fawn, easttxmomof3, Black Orchid, umrebelfan, etereia, NevadaNanny, VaNanny, Susan, wtf-how much and lilliteningpea... all of you did an amazing job! Thank you for coming through and giving us a great list this week! Remember, CL-WTF will be Posted every Saturday. Please send next weeks Ads HERE or use MEEBO.



  1. Other than the misspelling on the title, is there a reason the feature ad is the feature ad? I don't see anything wrong with it.

  2. THRUSTWORTHY?! I thought it was hilarious... am I the only one who thought so?

  3. "Thrustworthy" is funny but what makes it funnier is she does it again after saying she is "healthy and hardworking" and then "service pay"? Who says service pay? I thought it was funny.

  4. Honestly... there were a lot of great Ads this week. I had a difficult time picking out a winner. I am sick and feeling pissy and the 1st Ad just got my funnybone... that is why I picked it.

  5. #16 needs to take the mother to court for her money. I feel sorry for the girls. Do they go to school and wear bib's at lunch, and expect the teacher to wipe them???

  6. This job is non payment. Now that's a new one. A job that doesn't pay. Boy, we really are in a recession.

    Thought it was a good week. I don't see how parents think offering room and board for nannies who work all day will have the money to pay their own cell phone bills, and other bills, like FUEL for the car?

    As for the woman who worked her nanny 87 hours, and then reduced the pay per hour, and then still didn't pay, THAT IS CRIMINAL CONDUCT. I suggest the nanny go to the police and report her, and it would be good to take the other nanny who received similar treatment. This woman has figured out a way to steal child/house care by getting a new nanny every month. That is called theft of services. Get thee to the police, ripped off nanny.

    FYI I live in Little Rock, Arkansas, and I looked for interesting ads for WTF. ALL the ads, ALL of them, and there were a lot, were caregivers looking for jobs. There were nannies, babysitters, and day cares looking for children. WOW Nobody was looking for child care.

  7. Why did #14 make the list. It seems normal to me.

  8. Rach - maybe because she has three kids, two of whom are autistic, and is only paying $12/hr. Otherwise I agree that it's a normal mother's helper ad.

  9. BTW, #2 was HILARIOUS! Sounds like she wants someone to watch her puppy and kid put it's hard to tell from her run-on sentence ad.

  10. If I had a child, I'D TOTALLY HIRE #3! I was cracking up the entire time.

  11. Number 17 is very disturbing....oh god, the part about cleaning the children, that is deeply disturbing. Perhaps the mother should be reported to CPS as well as being sued for non payment. I don't even want to think about what those girls are going through. Horrible.

  12. I think $12/an hour is a perfectly fine amount to pay, even with two autistic children. It's not a nanny position, it's a mother's helper. The mother will be with the caregiver in the house or just running short errands.

    I find it so discouraging when the editors of this blog just put up ads to fill space.

  13. 123
    Seems to me that they go a day or three sometimes without putting something up, so where do you get off saying they are just filling space?

  14. 123, not trying to pick a fight, but I've worked both as a nanny and as a "mother's helper" and I can tell you that the latter situations are 5x harder.

    Also, #16 is so disturbing that I almost can't believe it's real. I agree the nanny should press for her pay, but at the same time, there were some clearly inappropriate things going on, and there's no excuse for the nanny partaking in it.

  15. I think the nanny in #16 used horrible judgment. I don't care what a parent says, you never stick your fingers or anything else in a child's private areas or rectum. As soon as the mother said that I would have quit and called DCFS.

  16. So, #6 wants someone who is willing to work 50 hours a week just to keep a roof over their head but doesn't mind finding a 2nd job so they can buy groceries and pay for other little necessities?

  17. Yes, #16 is insane on many levels. Unless the nanny is 12 years old I don't see how she could be so lacking in judgement that she would stay in that job for longer than 3 days, ESPECIALLY if she was not concerned about the money. And yes she should definitely report to CPS the mother's behaviour AND report to the police the lack of payment and then take the bitch to court for the money.

  18. What's the wtf about #12?

    #19: "clean tongue"?!? WTF??

    #25: Uh yeah Shannon. I'm sure many people would be interested in earning $1.59/hr. Hope they don't break your door down begging you to hire them.

  19. #12 - Hiring a Housekeeper and then having her Nanny for the kids on the regular Nanny's day off.

    I admit some of them may not be the best... most of them are. Try not to nit-pick too much, I have been very sick lately and a couple may have slipped through that I normally might not have used.

  20. I'm a little offended at number 7. I know sometimes our kids drive us crazy (I am a single mom of an autistic daughter who is three) but to post it in an ad? That is not respectful to the child. I would not trade my child for the world and I think she is perfect and beautiful and wonderful even though I have to keep tabs on her 24/7 just to keep her safe. I know her dad feels the same. I just don't understand any parent, who even in jest would disrespect their child in an internet add. I just don't get it. It's not needed, and not appropriate.
    Just my opinion.

  21. SneezyAllgericMissDeeSep 28, 2009, 8:36:00 AM

    The nanny in 16 was lucky she wasn't arrested for sexual assault/abuse of a child. I say this because if the children are expressing behavior that a teacher at school finds inappropriate, the teacher may then speak with school personnel in how to handle the matter. If the school calls CPS and the girls are "interviewed", they may say that nanny is sticking their finger up the girls private parts. CPS may contact the mother and interview her to which she "finds out" that the nanny is doing this. She, the mother, could say that she didn't know anything about that, nanny is arrested, charged and convicted of sexual assault/abuse, and her nanny/childcare/teaching career is gone, because of a bad parent.

    And I do wonder, WHY would a parent want their nanny to clean their child like this? If the lives in a mansion, why does she want to "save on water"?

    This nanny is lucky she wasn't arrested for sexual abuse. Any nanny who works for this parent may not be so lucky, for they could be arrested, and it would be the mother's word against theirs.

    Secondly, I would waste no time contacting a lawyer to see what charges I could file against her for non-payment/theft of services. I would also contact CPS immediately, and alert them to how the mother wants her children "cleaned".

    I can only imagine these poor girls, and what they will be like when they grow up. My feeling is that they will be in therapy, distrustful of men and women, engage in risky sexual behavior, along with have a low self-esteem and seek out abusive, controlling relationships where they are the victims, all because of their mother, who is encouraging sexual abuse, even though the children don't understand that.

  22. IF #16 is real, it is grossly exaggerated.
    (One example: What must the mom drive to be able to cart groceries for a month for a her family PLUS 20 24-packs of soda?)

    There are too many red flags for me to necessarily believe this post.
    And yes, if nanny violated these children, she is probably subject to arrest herself. "She told me to" is never an excuse for inappropriate contact with a child.
    If this is real, and if nanny did this, she has a lot to learn before she takes care of more children.
    Sure the mom is crazy...but that is no excuse for nanny's behavior either.

  23. NoSpanishExamMissDeeSep 28, 2009, 10:27:00 AM

    Mom: I kind of wondered the same thing, now that you mention it. What kind of nanny would do this to children? Not an experienced, professional nanny. I wonder too, was 16 made up?

  24. 123
    #14. is not a mother's helper job. It is a nanny with the mom "running errands, working pt, and doing housework" to make the already difficult job even harder, while the nanny feeds, bathes, does homework, and keeps the three young children out of mom's hair. I wouldn't take that job for all the tea in China. As CT Nanny said, it is 5x harder with the mom home.

    # 16. The mother's mental health is the issue, that worries me. I hope someone alerts CPS. Those children need help. The poster was clearly not a professional nanny "I was doing this for the experience and something to fill my spare time" and she used poor judgement in going along with the mother's instructions, but it isn't too late for her to act.

  25. MPP,
    I hope you are feeling better.

  26. MM,
    Where are you? SPAMMER at 12 0'clock, MPP!

  27. I'm sorry, but I think this feature is downright mean...to post ads in order to pick them apart and make fun of them. MPP and Jane can't you think of a better use of the space. This is just so wrong on so many levels. We teach our kids to be kind, and to not say anything nice if there's nothing nice to say--and this is how we entertain ourselves?????

  28. is "thrustworthy" really a good reason to put that up on this site? That poor person probably is having a hard time fiinding a job now all to a silly typo. If people are going to use this site responsibly, make sure to post things in a fair way. that was clearly a typo. CLEARLY.

    and I don't see anything wrong with the puppy one, I think its cute. People love their pets and right now, if I lived near there, I would totally go for a job like that. Dog sitting has to be ten times more easier then kid sitting haha.

  29. I have said it before and I will say it again... just because I pick an Ad for WTF, it does NOT necessarily mean because it is a bad Ad. There could be absolutely nothing wrong with it and it is just FUNNY. And yes, I picked the puppy Ad because it was cute.

  30. We actually have a doggy day care center in my town. It looks like a daycare for children...lots of colorful outdoor play equipment, etc., only it's just for dogs. People drop their dogs before work each day and pick them up afterward. So yeah, some people really, really love their dogs. Makes me shake my head just a smidge because most people in or town have yards. My dogs do a bit of playful romping during the day...but spend a lot of the time lying around too. I wouldn't want to be paying for their "entertainment" in my absence.
    I guess I can see it if somebody lived in an apartment and didn't want to leave Fido cooped up indoors all day long...if you lived in a big city...but again, we don't.

  31. MPP
    If you're not just posting bad ads, why do you call this feature "What the Fuck?"

  32. What???
    MPP knocks herself out putting this together week after week. I couldn't do the fabulous job she does.

  33. Lizzy, "thrustworthy" is clearly not just a silly typo since the author of the post wrote that not once, but twice (in the title and again in the body of the ad). And if said author was serious about getting a job, they should have used spellcheck before posting their ad. Either way, it was funny. And seriously people, if you are so offended by this feature, just don't read it.

  34. Has anyone thought that the "thrustworthy" ad might not be a typo but a way to lure a certain type of clientele?

    When I read it at first I thought it was a typo. Then in rethinking it (over thinking it?) thought it might be someone who wishes to drop a hint on other services they provide from a certain section of the male population. Or someone trolling for that section of the population. Think of what kind of answers they may have gotten back from trolls from this AD. Yet they have not changed it yet.

    I do note that their use of improper English can show a possibly foreign background, that while literate, does miss some of our nuances in spelling and grammar.

  35. curious dad is so sexy!


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